Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)



Since its establishment in 1970, the core mission of the Department of Environmental Protection has been and will continue to be the protection of the air, waters, land, and natural and historic resources of the State to ensure continued public benefit. The Department's mission is advanced through effective and balanced implementation and enforcement of environmental laws to protect these resources and the health and safety of New Jersey residents.

At the same time, the DEP recognizes the interconnection of the health of the State's environment and its economy; understands how its actions impact economic growth; and knows that environmental stewardship and economic growth are not mutually exclusive goals. The Department will continue to protect New Jersey's environment while playing a positive, key role in the economic growth of the State.

Core Mission Areas

FY2018 Budget (in thousands): $564,535


*These amounts represent State and Non-State Funds.





More Information

For up-to-the-minute information on DEP's regulated activities, including permits pending and approved, please visit DEP Data Miner at